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"Gone B A'round"

Luv Pig Latin Style, by Angela Khristin Brown

Look into mine eyes
Who do you see
In me, u luv arcay
U c I arcay
I cing u arcay too

You wonder where my beauty ilays
People stare they ealrize
The pride in my tepay
With my head ighlay
From the spirit ithway
My looks dont ilay

Who do you luv

Estay boutay usay
Tlay inay tis lapay
Itay about usay
Itay about rustay

R u for sure

Its aboutay emay
Itay me they c for who i am
It how i aracay myself
Its about ridpay
Eray ymay beauty ilays

Who do you luv
Luk in my eyez
C i crazy
U c i care
U c i crazy 4 u
Eyez 4 u
I arouse u wit my intellect
U say u like my intellegence
U like me for my ersonalitpay
Or surely u dig my wisdom
U c im crazy 4 u
Luvin my earthay
And u dig my generousity

R 4 sure
U like my wayz
I c you like me
I like how i groove
Hav it good
B'cause im beautiful

Who do u luv
R u 4 sure
U c us far as u can c
Luk into my eyez
What do u c
U like my wayz
Y i kept it real
I am true 2 u

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