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"H.P. Gets Busy"

[Verse 1]
Kickin' it live from Marcy
Bed-Stuy, do or die
The mighty, to rock it all nighty
The H.P., the High Potent MCs
That captivate and devastate like no other MCs can demonstrate
Why? Because they're only second rate
But we're the number one pick in '86, no further ado
This rap is just for you!

[Verse 2]
A funky new groove from a superior soul
Crowd, joy words, to make you turn and toil
Jammin' it up with no remorse for us
A sure-fire hit, you'll leave the door
The H.P. like total nice
Let the fast grip of Jaz that you need to buy
I record, produce words that's so clear and precise
You mess with us, you get whacked, not once, but twice
Oh yes, the fascinators, B.G. creators
And we will be heard from state-a to state-a
Every continental area upward the Equator
Goin' illy, we're the tough MCs, annihilatin'
You best to step lightly, you don't ever win
You're outdated, gettin' lost, H.P. movin' in
Jaz, Almond Joy, Jay Zee and L.D., we are the pack
We'll take your watch, now brother start packin'

Look out 'cause H.P. is comin', comin'
Look out 'cause H.P. is comin', comin'
Smooth cut rhymes and devious lines
H.P. cold rockin' your mind

[Verse 3]
What's groovin', Jaz? Just chillin' in my new suede socks
Took off my Ballys to put on my FILA tracks
Get fresher than fresh, you know my style, you benefit
I'll let you, Jaz in it, to say the truth, never forget
Almond Joy, bust it from a true entertainer
The microphone sustainer, 'bout to raise Cain and
Any other MC I'll make shake and shiver
I'm Almond Joy and I will deliver
Jay Z is my name and forever I'll obtain it
Rougher than my voice, no need to explain it
Tooling with your mind to make you go berserk
I'm Jay Z and I will scoop words
Yo Easy L.D., you know it's me
Who else could it be? With so much clarity
I could go rock a party in the heat of the nights
And keep the fly ladies clocking 'cause it's only right
Get busy, H.P!

[Verse 4]
Go Jaz, go Jaz, go, go, go Jaz
Go Jaz, go Jaz, go, go, go Jaz
School is at the see me having having navigated
Unappreciated for the rhyme's outdated
In turn, I acc*mulated, accelerated
Top stuff, updated, upgraded, cultivated
Ship quality, only I could create it
Give the other MC's noise and annoys once established
Now's my opportunity with the unity
Us four groovy youth from Bedstuy, our community
Giving a chance to get the sucker MC's to just ride
Sit back and relax and max 'cause H.P.'s got it
Proof is in the pudding, yo, the rich shouldn't
Go find yourselves an occupation that you're good in

Look out 'cause H.P. is comin', comin'
Look out 'cause H.P. is comin', comin'
Smooth cut rhymes and devious lines
H.P. cold rockin' your mind

[Verse 5]
Go Joy, go Joy, go, go, go Joy
Go Joy, go Joy, go, go, go Joy
Captain in command on the starship fresh
Thrown out and meant to be one of the best
Cause I'm the A-L-M-O, N-D, J-O-Y
My style is ascended, make my competitors cry
You know why so don't try
Cause in the battle to the finish, I'll win, you'll die
My rhyme is never written the day before I say them
You take what you hear, read rhymes, then spray 'em
The very next day I got rhymes galore
You mimic my words, you see it low, it's yours
I understand if I were you and you were me
I would jump on your deals and want to be you, the MC

[Verse 6]
Go Easy L, go Easy L, Easy L
Go Easy L.D
I'm on top of the pile, got a sexy style
I pull the girls with one million dollar smile
Confident, yet not conceited, content and cool
But Easy L will take you all to MC school
Bust this, the mic magician on a mission, so listen
My limp position, you're fishin' I'm dissing 'cause
The opposition just ain't no competition
And I'm kicking it fresh with no mistakes
So rap will get you make ya
Make you twist and turn 'til your knees get weak
I'll make you pick up your ass and slide your feet
To the beat, make all the suckers can cab and leave
'Cause I release the most devastating rhyme ever could see

[Verse 7]
Go Jay, go Jay
Go, go, go Jay
Ooh, Jay that's me true, for all you people
Pull, wish you, dance to a tune
That's so tight, that he was hype and he's movin'
Time after time, I'm movin'
To be the most exciting rapper of the groovin'
Yo, I'm a suitor, sometimes illusion
Put you from the wood box, that's where all the groups are
Feel I must state a MC, I tribulate and make 'em
Get on their knees in a form, to kick later
Beggin' for the top mercy of the top fader
MC Jay Z don't like a simulator
Take 'em out a place made tough
(Jay Z got busy!)

Get busy, H.G., look out
'Cause H.G. is comin', comin'
Look out, 'cause H.G. is comin', comin'
Smooth's got rhymes, and he's divine
H.G. cold funkin' your mind, so
(We got busy)

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