"Hova Song (Full Version with 3 Verses)"

Yeah, I know you just ripped the packaging off your CD
If you're like me, you're reading the credits right now
If you're in your car, I don't care if it's winter
I want you to put all your windows down ... zone out ... buckle up ... let's go ...

[Verse 1]
Hello, it's Hova
That's right youngin, the wait is over
The new millennium is upon us, the album is here
Before we get into this sh*t let's get a few things clear
Rappers with no relation, that's 7 degrees of separation
And I'm Kevin Bacon
This is the murderous version
Jigga the sh*t, even when he rhyme in third person
Hova the god, I should be rapping with a turban
Haters can't disturb him, waiters can't serve him
Mike Jordan of rap, outside j workin'
Now watch how quickly I drop 50
I don't like playin', n***as can't stick me
n***as cannot jam me, n***as can't get me
Slimmie at the Rucker wanna leave and spend with me
I consistently take 'em out the park like Ken Griffey
Do you believe? It's Hova the god ...

[Verse 2]
Well I'm the ghetto's answer to Trump
I'm cancer to The Hamptons
$20 million of guap, ransacking mansions
Increase the noise pollution soon as I land in
Don't even trust uppity white folk, keep the cannon tucked
n***as try to lean on Jay, shots gonna stand you up
Glocks gon' pop, y'all not understanding much
I hustled for the ducats, well now I hustle for the rush
Like f**k it, baby, I just love it
Chicks now, say they like the way I thug it
Since my album dropped, my stock rose ... like I went public
Ladies, I love y'all, but I love my freedom more
I love my n***as, love to see them ball
I love Beans and Bleek
Them n***as like my Peter and Paul
My disciples
And that's right, we're coming for the title
Do you believe? It's Hova the god ...
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