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"Walk on water"

The music flowing
It’s the bar I set
Words flexin
To the limit
Cause your fellin my flow
I’m flexin beats
Can u feel the heat
As far as u can see
Spit in rhymes so deep

The sky is the limit
At all it cost
Fellin butterflies
The bar is set
The rhythm is higher
Not takin crap
Throwing trash
Im not havin it
Swollen your pride
Get it cracking
Can u feel it
I am setting standards
No matter the method
Spitting verses
Out our respect
It’s my legacy
That generations follow
Flawless rhyme schemes
Kids admire me
Rock ‘tis
Making since
Haters blocking ‘tis
I have confidence
To strip ‘tis
Wit confidence
I’m only human
I make mistakes
Afraid of blowin tis
Terrified of flowin
Don’t want to let u down
Shout at tis
If I look back
Afraid of ur disrespect
I’m paying for it
I’m rockin tis mic
Keeping up the fight
I know I’m right
I got rhyme schemes
I got to do it right
Got to let me burn
Can’t let u down
Got to let it burn
Can’t back down
Go to let it burn
I walk on water

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