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"Family Fuel Freestyle"

[Intro: Y-Kay]
Got my all black on black jersey and boxers on today
It's just how I'm feeling
Let it breathe

[Verse 1: Y-Kay]
Super dope boy
My head in the sky sippin on that merlot
I got a whole different flow
The boy that used to talk coke just to float boats
Can’t be pitching cane, without a new robe
I pulled up in my old whip to just to peep show
I done seen it all, sh*t, at this young age
I’ll have to work double shifts to make front page
And new n*ggas that talk about being made
Like you ain’t have a 10 year mike on a mic rage
Spazzing out on stage just to feel some type of way
I ain't even know they sold rozay
I had to get out I been working for days
Judges open a case, tell me doctor doctor can you feel my waves
Shopping for MPC’s, can’t get no MP3’s
I had my first rap attack back in 003
It ain't no trouble for me
I had to wake up early rising, get a double CD
Can’t get physical unless you just go and body the beat
Go find somebody to beat
Turns out I face myself a lot more than a guy on the street
I guess I am from streets
I mean, I only wore jerseys when I'm shooting for free
Long as you coolin' with me
And you ain’t foolin the G though, and I said G, cause a genius on the scene
Experimental drugs letting me get a buzz
And nowadays they experience something that’s out of touch
But never out of reach, you can hit me up
My reality ain't distorted I just paint with my brush
Bow you heads, pay homage, or take a sip from my cup

[Interlude: Y-Kay]
Nobody wins when the family feuds
But you gon' need some family fuel
And ain't no such thing as an ugly illionare, im cute

It's nice

I’ll get the right letter later…
For now just wave at a hater

[Verse 2: Y-Kay]
A man don’t take care of his team can’t be rich
Blood money, drug money, I watched that whole sitch
I dropped so many tracks I got their flows sick
The 'ows turned to U, and that’s a swift switch
They couldn’t tell which is which is it clique or clipse
I never clicked a clip, I ain't no blood or crip
But I can never figure out why they cuffed my chick
The girls keep it triller than n*ggas who claim sold bricks
And blew stacks, for n*ggas that do trap
They cool cats
But don’t rap
No we did that, now it’s back on track, I’m shouting puff’s ciroc
I need a table with views cause i'm touching stock
And im still young, so my time will come, unless I don't know
Elevator stuck, Or I'm out of luck
Like I need that man, I'm fly as f*ck
Greatness requires greatness elevating my bases
Until I know F1 racers on first name basis
We had enough of the fake sh*t
Now stop that…look at my laces
I rented benzes never one for the braces
Still need to own it though, till then I'm celebrating
b*tch I feel amazing
Carry mi familia till days end
I'm sayin…

[Outro: Y-Kay]
Can't believe ain't no more n*ggas rapping on this sh*t
Shoutout to the dedicated family out there
[Yo Mvrs, stop drinking that Belvedere n*gga, get me some D'ussé]

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