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"Tim Westwood Freestyle (Family Feud)"

Yah Yah
14, yuh

Ooh, nowadays I really miss my f*cking idols
So that's the title, I grab a Bible, pray for my rivals
Dead on arrival, I swear this sh*t did me like a cycle
Bodies and piles, blood rivers resemble Niles
They need survival, they need to rehearse a recital
I just sit back and listen to old Wayne songs
And get dome from a b*tch while I brainstorm
And spit flames while I start making it rainstorm
You see I can't ignore it
You n*ggas gon' see it's in your brain snoring
And you sleep on me until you can't no more
'Til you can't no more

Haha, yeah, aye
Wake up I got my cake up, I need to rake up
I'm your savior, n*ggas ain't tough
And you can't buck, and you won't bust
And it's Trippie Redd b*tch, I won't get touched

In my Gucci coat
In my Gucci loafs, I got Gucci clothes
Aye, that's, that's all for today

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