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"Family Feud Freestyle"

God damn
I feel good
I mean I had to do it
It only makes sense for the right time
Don't blame me, blame Jay Z

I'm undisputed flow goals
I put yo' foot in the door
When you got cold toes don't act like you don't know
Did verses for people knowin' I should've charged more
I get the W when you fill out your W-4s, oh
The game got me wild tired, Crag Sager
Watch who you bring in your circle, I'm done doin' n*ggas favors
Whatever happen happen, 'cause it's still there later
Man, life is like drawin' art wit' no access to an eraser
Greater, I'm getting good like I'm pledgin' Theta Nu Theta
You probably missed a short line, well you'll get it later
Claimin' you real in your Tweets, but be fraud in the streets
Just 'cause we spoke daily never meant you family to me
When I got day-ones that ain't even talk to for weeks
I got little extort for you what you call a boutique
I held the torch as a youngin' in front of the many children
My exes gonna be in they feelings when me and Dimmy chillin', yeah
I hold it high for a livin', you know you couldn't
You probably faint as the Statue of Liberty, Wendy Williams
I slept with women that always went with they gut feelings
That line alone should tell you I'm f*ckin' different
Went through so much disloyalty, now I don't even react
I could easily pull up where you be at, but I ain't tryna be at
I'm writin' verses as hard as you girl choosin' where she wanna eat at
Yeah, I can guarantee that, look
I hit the man just to ask him "Where my key at?"
I hope he hit me back, like, "Where you wanna meet at?"
I kept a smile on my face with not a dollar on me
God got my destiny decided for me
They say money can't buy happiness, they lying, homie
'Cause how I'ma pay my rent with all smile emojis?
Me and music on a mattress and it's matrimony
And despite of all your bravery, you arachnophoby
I birthed a lot of the n*ggas lookin' through cameras
But you can't see karma comin' no matter how clear your lens is
Now me responding back to y'all is expensive
That's the general consensus
Border our circles now like the symbol for percentage
The passion that I got is somethin' you never seen
Like a lint roller, this all off of my genes
I fall off in your dreams
I sever 'em like Rob Hoffman
Extort cars in the scene
Then walk off for the screen
Then log off the machine
And as soon as you start talkin', I'll start doggin' your queen
And start callin' Marines
You stalk more than a fiend
And you play for more teams than Jamal Crawford it seems
I hope we don't reconvene, nah
Back to back the NY got busy
Even when last minute prep, it's no biggie
Been in the Apple so much I met Siri
And my phone update when I hit the city, y'all
I'm that n*gga, I'm that n*gga
Look a star in his eyes like a starin' contest wit' the only Jack Thriller
You know my raps different
When y'all rappers writin' songs y'all say I should add glitter
I hope Hov hear this verse and say "I like this"
I hope Drake hear this verse and then rewrite his
Wayne'll probably make his Instagram private when he hear what I did to this beat
Man this sh*t a crisis
Future bright, I could see me passin' the GOAT line
And it'll be February in no time
Blame It On Jay Z is the title
Hope Hov could premier it on Tidal, go viral, wassup?

Brgndi season

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