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"Fish Tail"

Fish tail…
I'm from Rabo de Peixe, but do not be afraid
The bottle gives me thirst, I'm a big drunk
Look at the gun, I've never been to school
Strolling down the street, selling coca cola

I'm leaving now, but it's not now
My heart runs blood, this is a crazy life
My mother does not cry, that's all for you
How much I was in jail, you were there for me

I am not going to cry
This life was not for me

The government and the police come here to make my Blica
Face of you're weak, you're a pint
And I walk there on the street, from sun to moon
From night to day, from day to night, this will not stop

I'm crazy in the head, I do a lot
Look at my clothes, this is a crazy thing
I'm not thirsty at all, I cried a lot of tears
Closed like an animal, tied up like a goat

But it's always for the front, this is not marriage if you open aboca much more
I just bite my teeth, listen well, little boy, what the words
This is nothing to me, this is always so

I was raised with pistols, with the feds on my door
I left everything at home, when I did not have drugs
This is the fruit of the beautiful, live for my daughter
My mother and father and my family


Now! Now the people talking about my music
So speaking in São Miguel, Rabo de Peixe, NZ and music
So writing in the newspaper is not normal
He is like the dogs in the backyard, but he belongs to Portugal

I am the mouth of the children, the children of Rabo de Peixe
Those who have nothing, all day carrying firewood
Those who do not have food, all day in the drink
My life is Maria, until the day

I'm going to the pool soon, I get sunshine with the girls
I'm working there, selling those lines
And the clubs playing snooker, listening to my music
Sandrinho has respect when you spend in my street
Boy! What is yours, from sun to moon
Of snow until the rain changes? Ah ... ah

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