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"The Story of 666 (YvngD775 Diss Track)"

Your A Trash Rapper You Take Other Beats You Can’t Do sh*t Your Irrelevant You Never Be Anything
I Proved Everyone Wrong

[Verse 1]
I Bet Stalking Women Is Your Favorite Hobby God Dang You Would Be Great Friends With Bill Cosby You Think You Got All Of These Thotties But Really Just Showing Off Your 20 Dollar Chain To The Lobby I’m Eminem You Are Ja Rule I End Your Career Too You Ain’t Got Nothing On Me This Is A Win For Me That’s Something I Guarantee Stop Saying You Spit Down So I’m Gonna Steal The Crown From This Fake Chris Brown I’m Athena About To Hit You Harder Than Hurricane Katrina So Stop Being A Fool Sit Your Ass Back In School And Stop Being A Tool Your Rhymes Are Trash If You Pull Up On Any Block You Probably Get Your Skull Bashed You Ain’t Got No Money Stash Dude I Would Respect You If You Weren’t Fake To Make It Here Young D Is Your Name I’m Surprised It Ain’t Lil It’s Probably Smaller Than A Skittle Homie You Ain’t Got Fame This sh*t Is Not A Game All Of These Rappers Are The Same
Screw You And The sh*t You Talk Ride So Much p*nis I’m Surprised You Can Walk I’m Your Demon No You Ain’t Gangster I Got You Screaming

I’ve Left Your Career Ruins Your A Prime Example Of Why I Hate Humans Why Are A Rapper I’m Confused Your Stuff Should Be Removed

[Verse 2]
The Reason You Never Finish Your Songs Because Too Busy Smoking Out a Bong So Go Where You Belong This Verse Well Leave You With A Curse Homie This Race And You Know I’m In First Place Go Ahead Make Fun Of Me Because I Look Asian Say Something Like Ching Chong But We All Know You Be Sucking On A Ding Dong I’ve Had A Couple Mental Issues In The Past But When Hear Your Diss I’ll Just Laugh So What’s You Gonna Say This Leave You To Pray You Got To Flex So Here Is What’s Next Your Rapping Is So Bad That Makes Me Depressed So What Are You Upset Cause I’m The Better Rapper For You This Your Last Chapter I Don’t Got No Ghost Writers I Ain’t No Liar Ain’t Everyone Hate Me So I’m gonna move on From Young D And Schooled In A B C All These Shots Making My Brain Rot Everyone Saying I’m A Bad Rapper Homie I’m p*ssed You All Gonna Get Dissed So Hard You Will Make Cuts On Your Wrist Let Gets Back To Young D I Could kill your whole Mixtape with a 10 Second Snippet When It To disses im in It to win it

I’ve Left Your Career In Ruins Your Prime Example Of Why I Hate Humans Why Are u Rapper I’m A Bit Confused Your Stuff Should Be Removed

[Verse 3]
Homie You Look Like Rat That Got Hit By A Baseball Bat All You Do Is Flex But You Ain’t Got Checks You Got Your Studio And You Got Your Own Mic But You Still A Lengthy Dyke You Wanted A Challenge Here It Is Your Freestyles Are Probably sh*t You Don’t What I’ve Been Through Yah You Got Better Views And Better Reviews And But You Know Who’s Better aThat’s Me You That’s True You Shook You Don’t Where To Look Because There Ain’t Such Thing Half Way Crooks You Homies Giving me Death Threats That Something You All Will Regret Now I Got You In Your Cage Lets Talk About Your Girl Paige Homie Being A Little Thot Doesn’t Even Get You Minimal Wage And There White Girl In Class Always Giving Sass I Think She Got Triggered Homie I’m About To Make 6 Figures Homie Your Crew Weak They Never Had The Struggle On Streets Everyone Knows Now That Is A Defeat Sure Joke About My Friend My Friend Jacob Yeah He Might A Quire But Your Relationship Won’t Even Make It Into Next Year You Can’t Do Anything Yourself So Had To Bring Your Crew This Stuff Doesn’t Get Anyone Amused
In 10 Years I See Myself In A Mansion And You In Jail I Guess In Your Life You Were Born To Fail I Think The Train Fell Off It’s Rails

Your Raps Are Straight Trash

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