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"A Poets Diary Journal"

I’ve been diagnosed with mental illness
I’m a paranoid schizophrenic

I call this bitter sweet bitter sweet poetry is This is what bitter sweet poetry is

I been contemplating for thirty years
Like a black widow waits to go for the kill
In solitaire I’ve planned my attainment
Why do I have to live like a homeless b*tch
What I’d do to end my life
Where did I go wrong
Who is the blame besides myself
How could did this happen to me
When will it ever end
Am I paranoid for having a deadly sin

Bitter sweet bitter sweet bitter sweet poetry is I call this poem bitter sweet poetry

Like an hour glass carefully shifts each grain of sand I had time to think
I danced with love how many times does a spindle strings its needle
Time never gave me a voice to decide I dance my last dance I said my last goodbye I lost my brother to suicide
I felt the trauma of losing my child taken away by vicious rumors used to hurt me by a stranger I hardly knew
My pendulum rocks back and forth until the bow breaks tick tock tick tock
And then the outburst calling in rage wars through stollen voices no one heard but me to a past I never had to my imaginary friendships I befriended over a boy jealousy I hardly knew it was coming

Bitter sweet bitter sweet poetry I cal the poem bitter sweet poetry

What’s next I wait. I contemplate timelines lying still in a loft holding on to find memories I create for myself imagery of nothingness that is left unchanged as I am waiting yearning deaths call in my sickly world I call my homework journal of poetry
Song titled bitter sweet poetry

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