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"I Shot Ya (Freestyle)"


Yeah, what the f*ck
Jay-Z, Marcy, Brooklyn
Representer (WHAT WHAT)
Roc-A-Fella y'all for life
Stretch arm strong
Bring the noise
Clown ass n*ggas
You know how we get down

[Verse : 1]

Roc-A-Fella (?)
(?) (?)
Test my weight in the apple
Never a question of if
When you gonna die like cattle
Beef I go at it so rugged, Just swear I love it
It is that so, Hard to learn
My burner give n*ggas permenant heart murmurs
If that ain't reason for concern
My crew is dangerous, A strange miscellaneous
n*ggas left in trouble.. waters like Greg Louganis
Ain't nothing touchin' from, Brooklyn to my touchin' on
Whatever a f*ck you cats raise your heads at, dead that
The last time you seen us
n*ggas popped up in beamers, Shopped up in (?)
Locked hip-hop (up) between us
Squeamish rappers stay out of my space like venus (?)
(?) (?)
Murder is right and not a word of it, To your liking since
We make it hate to love it like prince
Til the n*gga feel straight like Bill Gates
Or feel a mil-ie, We gonna spill hate
And infiltrate , Die is your fate
Realize the great, get your ?
Professional rockin' n*gga wait
Time is everything, everything that glitters ain't gold
(?) diamonds and every ring WHAT THE f*ck
In the driversy, n*ggas used to live in the back
(?) style, now a n*gga bigger than Shaq
(?) skills living fat
Chickens that used to act ill
f*ck ya, I ain't forgivin that (f*ck ya)
A n*gga bitter so, when a n*gga hit you..beleive
I am tryna hurt your stomach like ten thousand ?
Jiggz baby, what it is? Just as casual
If you blast me you better believe I blast for you


Yeah (uh huh) everytime yo
What what what...Jay-Z (huh) yeah yeah.. Rocafella yo
What what.. we rock on yo.. (representer)
Yeah yeah uh huh.. Westcoast n*ggas man
Getting out of line man, Watch your step
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yo

[Verse : 2]

Biatch Biatch n*gga, (?) with the riach n*gga, jigga
It can't touch ya, say yo.. we livin' like yesterday yo
You faggot n*ggas dont play yours
My team will slay yours, (?) yours
Can't f*ck around, we lay yours
With our hands up there, sh*t, I swear to god
Since money is respected, you know, I had to get it
Collect it like antiques..let it stack (Brrrrrrrrrrrr) like that
I mastered the fast sh*t, now I move on
Cause too many bast*rds tryna get their groove on
And now you see me jiggy, you puzzle
He ain't sellin no records.. is he ?
That n*gga gotta hustle.. sh*t
You get your guns by any means, I get my ones
You intervene by any means, I get you done
(For real)

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