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"The Story of 666 ( YvngD775 & Danny Prophetz)"

Everyone Really Want To Hate On Me Everyone Saying sh*t About That Ain't True Did you Really Your Lil Homies Into This

I Know Stalking Women Is Your Favorite Hobby God Dang You Could Be Best Friends With Bill Cosby You Really Think You Have Thotties But You Really Just Showing Off Your 20 Dollar Chain Off To The Lobby Your Music Is So Bad It Makes Me Depressed I’m Always On Your IG I Think Your A Little Obsessed
Go Ahead Joke My Friend Being A Queer But Homie Your Relationship Couldn't Even Make It To Next Year You Might Have To Call Up Logic For The Suicide Hotline Because After This Your Mental State Will Be Not Even Be Close To Being Fine Sadly Homie You Will Never Make The Spotlight I'm Lyrical And You Mumble I Know You Can’t Stand
Up I Guess You Started To Tumble I Guess Your Career Is Crumbled Stop Acting Like You Gangsta You Are Screaming I Am Your Demon I Left You In Ruins You Are A Prime Example Of Why I Hate Most Humans Yeah Sure You Get Better Reviews And Views But You Know Who's Better That's Me and You Know That's True Dude You Will Never Be Compared To Biggie Jesus You Are Worse Than Iggy Your Lil Dude Trying To Keep Sane Bro He's Is The Generic Version Of Kurt Cobain And That Other Dude Named Wolf Yeah But Hey Won't Be A Leader Of The Pack He Gonna Get Smacked Screw You And The sh*t You Talk You Trying To Ride Me So Hard I'm Amaze You Can Walk Lets Talk About Your Ex Paige Being A Thot Don't Even Get Minimal Wage You Wanted A Challenge Here It Is You Are Not A Hit You Are A Miss In 10 Years I See Myself In A Mansion And You In Jail In Life You Were Born To Fail Your Train Just Went Off The Rails Homie Little Heartbroken You Are Worse Then The Cringy Version Of Drake With All Of Your Emotions Danny Prophetz There A Thing Called Autotune And Good Lyrics When I Rap You Fear It

Homies Is Mad I Wanna See You Put Together A Actual Good Song

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