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"Looking @ My S Dots"

Can I get a small commercial break?
I think it's time for a small commercial break
Get up and stretch, I'm ready

Lookin' at them S Dots, it's about that time
To do Michael Jordan numbers
The sneaker game is mine
I ain't made 'em for the ball court, I made 'em to shine
So you can score big when you courtin' a dime
When n*ggas see me, sh*t, they see the grind
You gotta be blind you only see the shine
I dropped them S Dots and in record time
The number one seller since they first designed
50-50, you know how I handle mine
A nickel for you, gimme my dime
Tell Paul Fireman I got him on fire, man
He ain't been this hot since A.I. was signed
Now a n*gga talkin' to Kenyon Martin
Shawn Marion, sh*t I might be startin'
S Dot NBA n*ggas
Went from bein' in VA to signin' NBA n*ggas
I hurdled every hurdle, obtained
Every dame that was out of a n*gga reach with my figure of speech
Open the door for my n*ggas with me
Openin' more for n*ggas I don't know so all y'all n*ggas can eat
If it wasn't for S Dot...

Now back to our regularly scheduled program, L'Album Noir: The Black Album

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