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"’95 Freestyle"

[Verse 1]
Ayo, react, biatch n*gga
Think they mess with the rich n*gga
Jigga, they can't touch ya
Say y'all, we livin' (?)
You faggot n*ggas don't play ours, my team'll slay yours
Nay-say yours, can't mess around we lay yours
With our hands in the air, I swear to God
Since money's respected you know I had to get it
Collect it like antiques, and let it stack
Drrrrrrrrrrrr, like that
I mastered this fast sh*t, now I move on
'Cause too many bast*rds tried to get they groove on
And now you see me jiggy, you puzzled
He ain't sellin' no records, is he? That n*gga gotta hustle
Huh, you bet your guns, by any means, I get my ones
You intervene, by any means, I get ya done
Your whole team gotta show Jay love
Simply because, my thing is tighter than O.J. gloves, hah

[Verse 2]
I get deep and down like ditches
But when I rap I come off like that without the glitches
Never crossed the black cat with the riches
I'm leavin' Stevie sayin' no Wonder you're superstitious
Beef, I'm with it, simple, y'all can all get it
... Y'all don't all get it
Don't nobody of mind for this matter
Gather the data until ya mind don't matter!
I bubble like lather, hustle like the lead-off batter
'Cause all that matters is this money, 'til it ain't funny
You feel me? When the beat screams kill me
Don't j*rk me boy, I rip it silly!
I'll let you rise of course, but if you don't fall off on your own
MC's I cut off at the knees like shorts
It gets worst, if you don't care for my sick thoughts like a nurse
With no known remedy
I'm leavin' boys and men on bended knee 'til the end of the road
I, lock, load, f*ck this record sh*t
With one sale, my bracelet certified gold with rocks

[Verse 3]
Check it out, uh, check it out, uh
It'll take the Feds to break us
I hope I speak for everybody when I say ain't no dough in this world can escape us
I hold it down like a rapist for these papers
I'll leave ya chest open like vapors for these papers
The nature of mine run deep
One time video tapin' my crime, monitorin' my sleep
With each and every word I teach, through every word and speech
My players anthem is get in and get out like a phantom
Jiggy Jigga lookin' gully in the joint
If y'all n*ggas ain't talkin' 'bout large money, what's the point?

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