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[Verse : 1]
Is no man separated what we create awesome
It's getting hand some Allison listing, hand lavishly gaining lift
Life is giving it life, happily life having it
Life in a bite love is bee, love is real
Love is Bean, love is good life
Love is bliss, love is fuse , love is hygienic
Love could beat loft and cold crate
Love is has being to calm and chose
Love is real nice and the same time to claim and show
Love lift to ivory, colt get heat has keys, have kits
Love is kind coast- coast, coast come close to me
Sound and sow love is hushly come getty and have it
Love is kindle love is, stand still heart and yield still
Come close to me come and have it

O, Glory is love ones A men B soft E Ladys

[Verse :2 ]
Caught you corn that close to me
Lovely man is, do not denial it, don’t remain there
Don‘t retain it, get it have it , don’t restraint it
Don‘t retreat it, getting in life get tin party
Love is candids love is minded set and ivory it
Come close to me, don‘t detain it
Come closer to me, come and have it
Caught you close to me courtesy feelings
Lovely partly, seldom and refinery contest griefly
Don't diss it, learn to man to chill in, love is simple
Simply cort catch you thought
Cost you my feelings abitur go on shorn
Serious compete, love and menace serious
Concept tip key time-table job regain rein and cherish
Don't discharge it, sim to being, love lift to ivory
Will and gain romans and bell don’t detach it
Something remind me song samson dutch cottage
City mapping, scandal scannble loving to someone
Left this have this, distants constant feelings
Don’t manipulate it just a bit just remain
Love is brilliant got me demand it close to you
Love it, got you close to it, remain there
Remind me something hidden in
Do not detach it don’t expanding it
Something spanning, something package
Do not disperse it

Lovely son is A men
Lovely son is A men

Is no man separated what we create
Got hint have it, got me rewind it, set
See this L O V E have it, seed love see you handel
Have it love is to maximum beam
Loft is to see you handel don‘t delay it
Northern baggage bread magnum tons got you and me wandering
Don't dedain there, love’s to share
Love to see you, happy love to see you be snappy
Is yours babe your time turns
Love to you babe be snappy is zion is
No man separated what we create awesome it's

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