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"Blunts and Armadale (Freestyle)"

Yes! It's the collection!
It's ya boy S. Dot
Yes! I'ma take this time out to talk to you about The Black Album real quick
It's a prequel to all my... uh.. all my albums
It's the activities leading up to my first album in '96
It's like the book ends for the whole career... you know
We gon' take it all the way back
It's a time peat circa.'88 to '94 maybe 95'
We'll put a little bit of '95 in there, you know what I'm saying?
All the things that lead to songs like Friend or Foe or D'Evils you know what I'm saying?
You know all those activities you know what I'm saying? Yeah
It's ya boy Hov! We gon' take y'all back to school, real quick
The game is all wrong, business n*ggas is snitching and it's okay..
We gotta adjust the game, put it back where it's suppose to be
We gotta put back the integrity back in music man. You know what I'm saying?
Check it out!

There's rules to this sh*t, consult the OGs
Before you dudes make one move on the strip
Before you move your lip, take the tool off your hip
I'll show you how to do this sh*t
I'll tell you what type of car to buy
What type of shoes to get
What type of jewels to cop, you could rule this sh*t
Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo's for your chick
You gotta treat her right or she gon' mule your sh*t
Do you know the type of damage love could do
If she feels she's getting taken advantage of? Ouu!
If you wanna understand
Standing up like a down chick suppose to?
Here I'll coach you, Young ain't fake like most dudes
Young move weight like Cool J's trainers, it's a no brainer
And don't be wearing no vest with no banger
That just makes you a target
Young used to run the block, now I corner the market
'86 your bullsh*t, man get smart kid
But you ain't want to do no small bid
Incarcerated with the hard heads, acting like you hard head
That's all dead, get yourself the hog's head
Cheese, we could all get, R.S.V.P
Man we used to play dolls here, wet n*ggas with the faucet
Come through get your car ran, ran errands for the bosses
'Til I became one, now I got linen in the closet
I got the blueprint you just gotta follow it
Rule number one, real n*ggas never gossip
Rule number two, own The Black Album you gotta cop it

Yeah man! We just gon' bring it back to the game man! Black Album, S.Dot
It's the collection, first non-athlete with a shoe, it's history baby...
I know you love me, you just don't know how to tell me, it's all good though
I love y'all too, It's ya boy. Guru! Fade it!

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