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"I'm Biggin' Up My Brother, I'm Big Enough to Do it: Language, Rap, Hip Hop, and Historiography"

I'm Biggin' Up My Brother,

Hip Hop gives us tools for Preservation and Recovery of Indigenous Practice

Hip Hop has done and is doing the work for understanding the Epistemological and Ontological prerequisites of Indigenous Practice

Thinking about those un-initiated: Urban NDNs, those who didn't know they were NDNs, the "Chicanx" Experience

I don't think or advocate for us to start rapping in Indigenous Languages


I'm not against it either

Rapping is hard tho

I think it is much more important to talk about the engagement of language that is required and the embodied practice that is associated with Indigenous practice

in ixtli in yollotl

Chavez-Leyva uses this phrase to guide her teaching and move her Chicanx students towards Indigenous practice

I got coke like the 80s

"And that go for everybody that can just get up and move the way they want to move. You know what I mean? If you just want to get up and go do this today, that's a hood billionaire. Just being able to call those shots you want to call. That's most definitely what the record, just the whole vibe, was. And most definitely, coming from me, we still hustlin', everyday. Since I came in the game, that's always been my vibe. Always wanted to embody, if you — whether you mopping the floors, you can own this b——. You know what I'm saying? And that's just always been the energy. And so if I do a record like "Coke Like The '80s," that's just like my homie — one of my homies just came home. Just the stories we talk about and the things that went on. The names that I say in that song, anybody that's from Miami that's from that street life, they appreciate that."

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