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"Blueprint (Momma Loves Me)"

[Produced by Bink!]

Uhh uhh uhh, feel me now, listen
Momma loved me, pop left me
Mickey fed me, Annie dressed me
Eric fought me, made me tougher
Love you for that my n*gga no matter what bruh
Marcy raised me, and whether right or wrong
Streets gave me all I write in the song
Hootie babysitted, changed my diapers
Gil introduced me to the game that changed my life up
East Trenton grew me, had me skipping school
Valencia's boyfriend Volvo had me making moves
Momma raised me, pop I miss you
God help me forgive him I got some issues
Mickey cleaned my ears, Annie shampooed my hair
Eric was fly.. sh*t, I used to steal his gear
I was the baby boy, I could do no wrong
Yeah it's going past fast, let's move along
Kitchen table, that's where I honed my skills
Jaz made me believe this sh*t was real
Labels turned me down, couldn't foresee
Clark sought me out, Dame believed
Primo laced me, Ski did too
Reasonable Doubt classic, shoulda went triple
Momma loved me, pop left me
Grandma dressed me, plus she fed me
Banana pudding, was in the hood then
Puffin on L's, drinking pink Champale
Ty rolled with a n*gga, V.A. spot
Tone, Mike 'Zo and them n*ggas, V.A.'s locked
Biggs f*cked with a n*gga, whassup Hoff'?
Bee-High hated the fact I put rap to the back
Money pouring in, clientele growing now
Birth of my first nephew, time to slow it down
October 21st, Lavelle came to the world
Followed by three more boys and then a baby girl
Momma loved me, Ti-Ti Uncle Jay
Loves you to death won't let no trouble come your way
Oh, can't forget my man down in Maryland
He's gone 'til November, how can I not remember?
Tell your moms I'm there for her and Tiembra
And your son too - there's nothing I won't do
Unless you was me, how could you judge me?
I was brought up in pain, y'all can't touch me
Police pursued me; chased, cuffed and subdued me
Talked to me rudely; 'cause I'm young rich and I'm black
And living a movie, not living by rules
New rap patrolling the city, follow my crews
Bleek you're still with me, n*gga what did I say?
Your time is coming you one hit away
Beans I ain't trying to change you, just give you some game
To make the transition, from the street to the fame
My momma loves me

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