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Ghostface Killah

"Set It Off"

(featuring Trife)

[Big Daddy Kane sample]
In control and effect
So what the heck, rock the discoteque

[Ghostface Killah]
Bring all the hammers and the buchanans
My click ran in and acted as blazin' as though we still standin'
Spot raid of Rich Gannon, I play the bench standin'
Front of them snitch cameras, blow up your b*tch Hannon
Give her a quick chance to kiss glance
In the mix, I saw the b*tch sniffin', just dance
Slept on a peel, then broke her wrist, and burnt her quick
And stopped her wish, one of my wig pushed in
Ghostface is local, slick murder sh*t with a new rhyme hustle
Still bust you, f**k you, head bust you, respect my muscle
Like a mean hooker, I'm not gonna tussle, I'll cut you
And that goes for any n*gga who think that they better than me
Punch in his face, f**k him up mentally
Real robe and pop my throne
Pop a cop if he show signs of any kinda stop my flow
This is real life lyricist, never a witness
See me clappin' the tools, improve my wrist
The dude is, the ruger is super steel
Fall back, take a look at my face, for real
My attempts to kill, sent a gate to chills
When his brain hit the windshields, brake ills

[Chorus: sample]
Burn it it, aw, burn it
And you know, got to have them set it
Burn it, aw, burn it
What a life, not a life, ha, ha, ha, hahahaha

Yo, get hooked like syringe with dope in it
And you a dummy like crack bags with soap in it
See, well I'mma got a scope with it, drama don't approach with it
Blow you off the coast, now your momma got a coat with it
Young n*gga, smokin' marijuana with the coke in it
Sellin' CD's, VCR's and the remote with it
Easy, duke, man I need this loot
Look at my face, all hairy like some kiwi fruit
Dead serious, showin' no teeth, holdin' my heat
Put his eyes in the back of his head, he goin' to sleep
For f**kin' with a top boss, n*ggas get knocked off
I always drop sh*t for the streets like a cop's horse
n*gga you c*ck soft, scared to pop off
And I spit fire, my tongue's dipped in hot sauce
It'll burn you, toss and turn you
Have you bleed internal, get popped like kernels


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