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Ghostface Killah


[Intro: Sample 1]
Allow me to demonstrate the skill of Shaolin
The special technique of Shadowboxing

[Intro 2: Inspectah Deck and Ghostface Killah]
Poisonous, poisonous (word word word)
I should slap all y'all n*ggas for coming in my f*cking face with that sh*t
Alright cool yeah, go ahead man...

[Verse 1: Will Rehm]
This game is mine fool get back
Read these lyrics and get cataracts
I'm coming at you swinging with a battle axe
If you wanna battle ask b*tch I'm not your average I'll stick to you like a cactus you're not a rapper you're a bad actress
Motherf*cker I'm savage eat you alive like cabbage leave you covered in bandages
Spitting so fast you didn't know if it was spanish
I'll take more advantage of you like any man on the planet
Damn it motherf*cker you are a faggot you talk more sh*t than your ass say one more thing and I'll cram it with a rodent
Reload my pen like heroin and start spitting, killing, frenzies at all you emcee's then come back for more like you was Monica Lewinsky whore
I stuff you with lyrical bullets like adjectives in my margins so tell your sarge I'm in charge
I barge in with a mouth like a .38 Magnum, Shootin', Splatterin', your brains like Flapjacks and Bacon
I'm a product of M.E.T.H.O.D Man and Rakim rock your whole team
I reign supreme, Will Rehm, ain't nothing to f*ck with so bring the ruckus Suckas' get beat purplish, I'm serving you so bring your dish
Spitting menacing until I'm finished
If I ever meet my match I'm a strike that b*tch first
b*tch this is spitboxing I'll leave you hollering, "Nurse nurse my hearts about to burst"
I'm sucking the life out of you like a vacuum cleaner
You get swept up like an old man's broom
I'm taking you to your tomb
Reached in pulled you out of your mom's womb
Replaced your dome with Shrooms
The doom surrounds the gloom then all of a sudden I throw you for a loop like "what up son" I'm the rebirth of Raekwon
Nice to know you're done with my verbal Punishment
All the sh*t you spit you bit but you're scared to admit it
I'm about to put an end to it
I bust rhymes infinite
We different your sh*t is excrement just accept it
Tracks I wreck it like Inspectah Deck kid
I'm busting lids like hit man bids
Reload my pen with more Heroin
Don't take my name in Vain
You get hooked like a line of blow to your brain, Cocaine and you wonder what the hell I need more vicodin for
I grip the Microphone like a Chrome aiming at your smug dome on Garden Home
Busting like cordless Shottie's I'm stacking piles of Bodie's like I shot up a lobby full of paparazzi waiting for Eric B. and his Compadre
Don't sweat my technique
Yo, Dead Presidents is what I'm resurrecting

[Verse 2: Will Rehm]
Step on to Gleneden this Sadist William will spill your cranium like Salad dressin'
When I'm pressing my pen on this pad it's sweltering
When I'm spitting in the lab your face is melting like I'm tripping of an Acid Tab
Beat you Raw with my Southpaw Style you won't last sixteen rounds in this Bar fight hooks flying and Punchlines
Rhymes rattle your mind like Crooks with land mines, bombs, and Rocket Launchers
Crush your mind like a pill crusher snort it like Duster the rest of you swept up by a street sweeper
I'm a beat eater full of lighter Fluid
Everything I spit is Fire like a flame thrower
Cut you like a D-J mixer motherf*cker
Step in this cypher it's over
I'm an atomic Bomb dropper Machine Gunner Rhymes is always clever
Sending you to the Rehab center for lyrical seizures
Destroying every Emcee in the 5-oh-3 vicinity
Weaponry is Heavily
Bust rhymes till your head empty
R-I-P O-D-B I'll see you one day homie
This is lyrical M-M-A
You think you strong?
Step in this octagon you're dead wrong
I'm bigger than LeBron on the jumbotron
Armed with a Lyrical firearm
Did I stutter motherf*cker?
Sending Clouts in and out no doubt
Spitting more bars than Alcatraz, tougher than Prison Guards
I'm Al Capon on this Microphone
I got it going on
You're dead wrong
Reload more Heroin
I step off, laughing

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