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Ghostface Killah


(Say peace) Peace!
Dirty, Ol' Dirty bast*rd
(Say it, say it again)
The Genius! Genius (The Genius)
The Genius, the Genius

[Verse: Ol Dirty bast*rd & GZA]
I'll grab the mic and I'll damage ya
Crush your whole stamina
Here comes the medical examiner
One verse then you're out for the count
Bring the ammonia, make sure he sniffs the right amount
Wake him up and then ask him
Why did he attend this --
Competition to get ass kickin' so tremendous
Boy you know you shouldn't bother this
Leave me alone like the son said G or he'll be fatherless!
I got the asiatic flow mixed with disco
Roll up on the scene like the Count of Monte Cristo
And MCs start to vanish
I stepped up to a jet black kid, started speakin spanish!
Yo he wasn't from Panama
Asked him how he get so dark, the n*gga said suntanama!
He responded so fast, he made me laugh

Ha-ha-ha, HARARRRH then I scared-his ass!
Kicked the hundred strongest rhymes
I brought out the punk in him
Caught him with a strong five deadly venom
Told him enter the Wu-Tang
Witness the Shaolin slang, that'll crush the sh*t
you bring
And watch your ass take a big fall, why?!
My Main Source is like a friendly game of stickball
And as you step up to bat man and I play the riddler
Try to do me for a rhyme and I'll change to Hitler
Go out like a Nazi; you'll be wishin your f*ckin' ass stayed home and played Yahtzee!
Or watchin' Happy Days sweatin' Potsie
With Ralphie and Richie Cunningham, Joni and Chachi
Wu, who? Me gettin' wrecked so I'm through
Like a ten and a half foot gettin' in a seven shoe
Now picture that with a Minolta
Have your ass doin some Night Fever sh*t like John Travolta
I come strong, I make knowledge born, I flip the script
And rock on from P.M. past the f*cking Dawn
Pass the Hammer you're broke down, English grammar, what, what
Can't understand it here's the panorama
A complete view of how I defeat you
Should've stepped to those f*ckin' kids who tried to beat you
Yeah, I bust that ass before
You ran to Texas and came back but forgot the chainsaw!

And when I perform a massacre
Better be coming with some motherf*cking sh*t that's spectacular
Crush the personal vendetta, well you just better
Start stepping to your raggedy ass jetta
Put the pedal to the metal
You and your DJ change your name to Ma and Pa Kettle
As I pass the bone, kicks your every measure
It's not a Newport but it's still live with pleasure
C'mon don't be silly, just a bag of sensimilli
Rolled up in a
Motown Philly
I used to write all the time when I smoked
Grab the mic, then I like kinda went for broke
With visually concepts strongest rhymes and biceps
Lyrically speakin', three to four rhymes a choke
Some think they be harmin' this, claimin' they be bombin' this

But they still remains anonymous
I pull strings like Jimi Hendrix
Rhyme on beats that go backs to the days of Eddie Kendricks
I teach the truth to the youth, I say, "hey youth
Here's the truth, better start wearing bulletproof"
Arm yourself with a shield
'Fore you get trapped up just like the children in the cornfield

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