Ghostface Killah

"Party Over Here"

Haha, yeah
Tony Stark, n***a
I ain't going nowhere (Yeah)
Y'all feel me?
We about to finish this al', dawg (Uh-huh)
Tell 'em, Tone Tone (It's the beginning)
Yo, yo, yo

[Verse 1]
The old lady said the shooter was 5'6"
And she don't know how he got away with five of them bricks
Across the street, a group of men held nine sticks
Those is choppers being sprayed, and all of em' missed, uh
Lil' bro got away with it
He promised me four of them joints if I stayed with him, uh
What the f**k y'all think?
I wasn't born with a slit between my legs with a hole that's pink?
Nah, I'm a gangster, besides getting paper
I move my pawns, f**k around and get rook
Besides that, any jux session
Deny me for any stones in your skin, you get cooked
Haha, blood spillin' like lava
Face on the hot concrete, no agua
Nasty killer with horror
You wasn't even the main entree, how's that for a starter?
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