SCRAPE II lyrics


[Verse 1: XATASHI]
Got the glizzy by my side, shut the f**k up you a b*t*h
When i pull the f**king trigger, all my bullets finna hit
I can't f**k with no thot, i can't f**k with no b*t*h
When i shoot my f**king pistol, bullets coming for your lip
Cause f**k you b*t*h go drink my p*ss
I don't give a f**k about you and i'm coming for your sh*t
I'm coming for your neck, and i'm coming for the throne
b*t*h i'm taking your sh*t, and i'm taking your hoe
f**k all the b*t*h sh*t, boy you a biscuit
f**k on your b*t*h and i'm quick as a swift kick
Suck on a d**k you a stupid ass c**t
Bury you under, under the mud

[Verse 2: LXXIV]
And it’s, off top I’m smoking a wood then ashing it
Popping at the children who swear to god they a savage and
Causing damage ripping up all of the vital organs
Cut some iron to his grill calling me George Forman
Horrid, the motherf**kin site I’ve been apart of
I be in the field like some weed that boutta sprout up
I can’t f**kin hear you so you better speak louder
Come and catch a fade my f**kin fists is packing power
Busting then we uppercuttin we ain’t good with them assumptions
Vagabond strolling through the streets take a life for nothing
Postmortem pics of the body got a gangster shook
Cause you ain’t got what it take to be a f**kin crook

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