PAUSE! lyrics


Sergeant big p*n*s in the cut, Yeah
You know the goddamn f**king vibes shout out sixbound

[Verse 1: XATASHI]
b*t*h I’m out here
b*t*h I got a d**k in my hand
Wait pause
b*t*h I mean I got a Glock
It’s finna pop
How you talkin all your sh*t, b*t*h you ain’t got sauce
How you gonna walk Around
b*t*h you ain’t no boss
b*t*h you need a shower
Get the f**k up out my f**king face
b*t*h i got a f**king Glock in my hand, make it spray
All of these pu**ys be talking
Never to my face
How you talking like you big
b*t*h you out of place
b*t*h you need to quiet down
Get up out my face
b*t*h i got a f**king Glock and a draco make it spray
b*t*h i get pu**y, Cat scan give me f**king face
I cannot f**k with pu**ys, these pu**y f**king fake
I cannot f**k with b*t*hes, these b*t*hes all the same

[Verse 2: DIEPERRY]
Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay
b*t*h im single as f**k, can i get in your guts
Said you need a d**k appointment, well tell me what is up?
Me and my n*ggas we up, Shawty what the f**k is up?
Said you f**king with a lame, well im a motherf**king thug
Shawty need her coochie rubbed, well im a motherf**king plug for that
Lay your ass down and ill f**k you in your f**king back
b*t*h i am the lord, ill give you scars
But not no heart attack
Up all night like a mof**king insomniac
Shawty real smart and she might be a brianiac
10 toes down imma a sucker come around
She said she like to be loud, i bet she makes her momma proud
She gave me top on the couch, and then im f**king heading out
I had to jump out the window and im not making no sound yuh

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