I’m a turn him to a b*t*h aye
Watch dat body twitch aye
pu**y a n***a been a snitch aye
I’m a still keep me a K when I’m rich aye
Watch dat body drop aye
Demons at my spot aye
Yea b*t*h hold my Glock aye
I’m cracking his b*t*h like a lock aye
I keep a gun like a hat ain’t no cappin
b*t*h what’s funny you known I ain’t laughing
Run up on me and you know I’m not lackin
Flipping his body and sh*t acrobatics
Yo breathin turn rapid from bullets in passin (cp3)
Like I’m at magic
Yo b*t*h to get to dancin
I popped a pill guess my dumbass
Relapsin shoot up yo body don’t care if In traffic

Red dot 6 o'clock i make that body leak
pu**y want some smoke
I put the blade right through his f**king teeth
His face gone hit the f**king concrete
Watch his body leak
Make his body f**king do a flip
Leave it on repeat
I don't really give a f**k anymore b*t*h
Point the Glock to his lip watch it rip
Smash his face again he a dumb b*t*h
Glocks to the his neck now he a b*t*h
Let it just rip up on his f**king face
Strap on my vest put his body outta place
Shut the f**k up get the f**k off my d**k
Keep talking sh*t put my blade in your hip

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