[Verse 1 Lord Distortion]
Horrid tasting body
It's a horror shaking legs off
Tying up my shoes so I can stomp on top your head eh
Burner hit the mattress that your homies f**king slept on
Crawling on his face this is something he can't get off

Leaking out
Treason over trust
I f**k her in her mouth
Blunderbussing flip the pack
Can't seem to keep the heater down

Call him out shots up at his melon
Taking lots of rounds
Overstep his welcome hellish treatment what we talk about

[Verse 2 Seraph]
Got a new b*t*h
Sold her body
On the backpages
For the good price of f**kin 180
She'll get creative
Bring a couple beers and gas
Y'all could get cross faded
If you don't pay up
Imma blow your f**king brains out
You can have a GFE with the f**king MAC now
Using this b*t*h like a mother f**king cashcow
When she don't make sh*t
Use her like a f**king ragdoll

[Verse 3 DeadWithChains]
Put the bodies in the bag

Put the bodies in the back

Thermal vision with the mac

Execute em take the stash

Why you always being bad

Bend her over make him mad

Got you fending for the bag

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