LULLABY lyrics



I see the seasons change but the people stay same
Emotion utter pain I got nothing but my blade
Look inside my brain
We cannot associate
I switch my f**king way's I think
I wanna die today

Emotion all in rotation
I save the little I’m scraping
Some change and still I feel
Vacant my lies are deep in the pavement

I wanna sway from the fake sh*t that humans throw in my face & these faggots get way too desperate I wanna f**k round & end it


Go f**k round & end it
All these rappers get blended
I cannot f**k with your clique
You're all just fake & some faggots
I cannot f**k with no b*t*h
Talking sh*t out they ass
Ignore all of the fakes
Put them straight in the past
You put that sh*t on your face
Run away, run away
I Run away from the truth
f**k the liars break through
You put your heart in the glass
You broke sh*t way too fast
Now your broken & f**ked up
You cannot see through your past

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