"Tell Me How"

[Verse 1]
You cried for her
But you can do better
You should have known better
Even though you didn't want to
You cried for her
That you deserve better
I can't imagine what she did for you, did to you

[Pre Chorus]
I tried, I tried but I really don't understand
I really don't know a man
Who cares the way that you do
I tried, I tried to see it from you eyes
You still see her in twilight
Don't do it to yourself

She don't love you anyway
If she don't love you she can't stay
I promise you that there'll be brighter days

Tell me how (tell me how you love somebody)
That's never ever loved somebody
Tell me how you give your heart away (don't give your heart away)
Tell me when you know it started
Tell me when it hurts the hardest
Tell me you won't give your heart away
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