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Mike G


[Verse 1: Mike G]
Take it to the point where our wallets don't fold up
Hol' up, I'm talkin' investments and stockholders
Bring 12 [?], 12 b*tches, 12 glazed donuts, yeah
I brought the gang with me and I'm the one they came to see
That's why I always aim to be more than what you claim to be
But seems like you can't wait to be tippin' on them four fours
Stompin' n*ggas out like Kids and we wearin' box logos

[Hook: Mike G]
That's on my cowtippin, paint drippin, never slippin'
Gettin' into often fights with 7 Christian's
So I'm flyin' high like a 9/11 victim
And then I'm blowin' up like a 9/11 victim

[Verse 2: Vince Staples]
My grandmother ask when ima get a job
I tell her when I get a dad
But for now I'm jacking off so leave before I kick your ass
After [?] skippin' school and gettin' in my mother fallen
So unless you're good at math, that's somethin' that you shouldn't ask
Mexicans inside the kitchen making sure it's spick and span
Guess that was a racial slur, be great if I can rape you first
Tape it on [?] box, written consent
Turn you into just another whore I just wouldn't commit, to

[Hook: Vince Staples]

[Verse 3: Mike G]
Too cool for school is somethin' he never had to announce
And these faggot rap actors never gave me an ounce
Of respect, but that was somethin' that I could do without
Life is pops sayin' get the f*ck off the couch, so
My cowtippin, paint drippin, never slippin'
Get your motherf*ckin' ass beat by seven henchmen
I'm takin' yo b*tch if I don't see you with her
A hundred percent real, fake f*ckers are all fiction

[Hook: Mike G]

[Verse 4: Vince Staples]
Was never really good in class, yellin' out profanities
[?] ask if she would read to me
She never replied, sh*t sucks because I'm her biggest fan
The other night I had a dream we f*cked beneath the ceilin' fan
6 nips in a stick shift minivan singin' mini man in a G-unit fitted cap
Swerve to the left and hit a f*ckin' midget tramp
But nobody gave a sh*t, they just sit and laughed

[Hook: Vince Staples & Mike G x2]

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