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Mike G

"Prime (Remix)"

[Verse 1]
I got a ex that say she hate me and she still callin
I gotta keep it to myself that's how I feel often
Put out that fire long ago and I'm still coughing
Hop in my whip I hit the clutch and then I peel off
Awarded with nothing less than best dressed
Keep something on deck that's just to impress
Getting familiar with death as I'm taking each step
With things on your chest you find ways to express
You gon see that nobody should tell you how to live
After tips they give we still have to coexist
I'm just trynna build a bridge for these kids
Cuz the world generously gives nothing but negative
And energy's precious I mean like stones on a necklace
I'll go uncontested I mean like medals on veterans
In sessions I step in the rings as they glisten
You know what everybody says
And I talk that bread so it's worth a listen
And I know, said I know that this world is so cold
You got heart made of gold keep your eyes on the road
Reach highs sometimes for those that just try to take you low
I know a place we can go, let's go

[Verse 2]
What are we here for?
It's not to be dormant, think it's to explore
I don't feel the hate I think we must adore
Settle the score you settle for more
Say that I was second guessin til I was labeled a secret weapon
Never hesitant that's when you're labeled as a professional
Know you create destiny everything is left to you
Become more than the attributes they attest to you
I'll treat you like the world and I'll take nothing less than you
No telling where the rest would be
This is just what I need
My plan to succeed
Believe in me like the air that you breathe
How you feel the sound it's more than you see
How it feels to have mutual patience to agree
After being we see, where this road will lead
When blood on the leaves we set fire to trees
Then we make it spread when they call the FD
In awe when you see it was done intently
Upon entry send fleets in a frenzy
With no means of peaceful assembly
With no direction then you're driving blind
But in that you'll have time to find
How some people wait for the stars to align
You waited for greatness. Me in my prime

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