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Mike G


I keep my head in the clouds, this shouldn’t be allowed
It’s not, but we live loud and oh so proud
PM to the AM we go, you know that
Every day is Friday, at night, we’re dressed all black
The best bet would be to catch it on film and play it back
Lead role in this, if it’s Thriller, I might jack
King for The Shining? Well then, I’ll be Jack Nich’
Since teens I own this, it seems he won’t miss

I live righteously and roll perfectly
Like “damn, Bob Marley would be proud of me”
I’m more than most would even ever think I’d be
I’ve got so much love for my family
I just wanted to be something they could stand to see
Live fast, ’cause tomorrow’s not guaranteed
I live righteously and roll perfectly
And if I don’t see tomorrow, smoke one for me

[Verse 1]
You keep my mana predictable, nothin’ matches my mental
I’m not the one they talk about, I’ll be somethin’ you listen to
If I was in a group of misfits, I’d stand individual
You let no one approach you ’til you give them permission to
Too clever not to be able to weather rain or snow
If you keepin’ soldiers with you, they need to be trained to go
TTG, how dare they contest we?
Throw bricks at squads and teams ’til 10:17
Anyway, come to learn that haste is the only rate you could take
To have money comin’ where you bring it in with rakes
It was no mistake that I’d grow to be this irate
So you know, without debate, I’m the reason priors abdicate
Earth is never enough, the only option is to settle
So I’m on levels to provide weapons to every rebel
Show ‘em they’re strong enough to hold the horns of the Devil
I so thorough, I’ll get you though a full day’s schedule


Strive for great, and you’ll achieve without doubt
No need to stress over things you could do without
Why wait when I can have it right now?
The way I talk over this track will amp my lifestyle
See, there’s no goin’ back, and I see that now
‘Cause I don’t like bein’ judged, don’t mean I can’t stand trial
Got dreads and golds like I’m from down South
I just want you to see me now, one love…

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