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Mike G


[Verse 1: Domo]
Maybe it's all this smoke in me that's loking me got me thinking Ocean deep
Always want it close to me, I'm drifting in this potency
If you n*ggas cool, then ain't no one in here as cold as me
Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats and Mike f*cking G
Appropriately f*cking beats, MP3's all in my sheets
Busting on the b*tches wipe me down and put it on repeat
Hot sh*t like Mexicans sitting on toilet seats
And I'mma keep it G cause that is all I had a choice to be
f*ck lovers, play fight with rubbers
Wolf Gang I hunt her, then feed it to my brothers
Eat big for supper, scrape plates of butter
All to keep that green bouncinh in like Flubber
Sweet sh*t, we spit, these is, Reeses Pieces, sweet hit, we sh*t these bricks
We disrespect, f*ck a beat, I'mma be sick, Domo G sh*t, f*ck with me

I'm drunk, rolling through the interstate
Peddle to the metal on these b*tches while they n*ggas hate
I'm buzzing, this is how it goes in my life
I've been on these n*ggas' hoes while you masturbate
I'm tipsy, wild as I want to be
About thirty feet deep daring any n*gga to f*ck with me
I'm f*cked up, drinking of this beer all

[Verse 2]
I swear, last year they ain't know about Domo, bro
Now they all lined up for the Domo show
I dont need much give me beats and an ounce of dro
My main b*tch, we just sit and watch the dollars grow
Like a hate plantation, and I just been waiting
For my season and watch them crops start flaking
If I'm awake then more than likely I am baking
Watch the world fall into my hands, I'm patient
I just got a dollar and a dream
I mean a wallet full of green and a pocket full of steam
And I been on the scene with the hardest of the teams
Me and my goals, ain't no stopping in between
I gotta keep it clean, I'm fly by any means
High in the air on a rocket, Yao Ming
Middle finger up, f*ck what y'all think
Middle finger up, f*ck what y'all think


[Verse 3: Mike G]
See we beyond def, so for respect O.F. will never need a pass
Far from the average, that the most will prolly see me as
I'm elevated, these n*ggas don't want to step up
I spit bullets see thats a real audio tech, huh?
But I ain't aiming, don't let it hit you
And have me looking for a place to put the bodies when I'm through
He bluffing, I might shoot, f*ck it, I'm like you
Cause then again gun ain't the weapon I might choose
I'm a regulator, a hater decapitator
Just after sunset its murder on an elavator
So, be scared when you see them wolves mobbing
After all you prima donnas like Hoskins
Tromping, no lust, I give no warnings
Still ill, will, kill, I'm stomping
Hot boxes don't stop my n*gga I gotta fight on
Rasta Mike G, I'm a lion, right on

[Outro: Hodgy]
I don't know 'bout what you heard about cash, but
My n*ggas get money, n*gga get money
I don't know 'bout what you heard about ass, but
Domo Genesis got them honies, we got them honies
They up in the jeep smoking hydro
I'm like crazy b*tch, she like I know
Yeah, homie we gon' ride slow
Odd Future, I shoot ya, die slow

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