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Mike G

"Say Something"

[Verse 1]

Everything I accomplished I done alone
So you can't say I need you like a dog without a home I'm gone
I'm saying I ain't even in your range
I just got some new clothes damn right I had to change
This is all true
I'm just tryna push a coupe, all blue
Treat me like I'm something new
Spider-Man with a black suit
At least I'm new to you listen everytime I spit
Cause only I could come up with some sh*t like this
And you know that he bringing in terror
I want this sh*t forever
On they minds like New Era
I'm tryna stack the cheddar
Know my team is way better
To my n*ggas talking money know they read me like a letter

[Verse 2]

You know how I do
Rock it to the end these hypocriticals
Can never say I'm not the one that you can put your trust into
Excuse me
Now they say he super bad, Boosie
Walk into The Hundreds like I'm home, Lucy
He 'Chi-Ali' but he ain't getting locked up for nothing
I p-p-poker face b-b-but I am never bluffing
I'm k-k-keeping pace it's only numbers that ain't running
The West coast legend look up to him like an older brother
Monster, let it breathe
Now watch him bring it home
Shout out to New Orleans they say he flowing like the levies broken
S'only you and me so truthfully
Ain't no other view to see
Until I get the condo by the water
Something on the beach
And I don't wanna sleep cause I can't let nothing pass
And I hustle cause ain't no way you can stunt on the dash
And to add the cash is the ony time I'm tryna math
And I do rehearse my rhymes it's only to perfect my craft
And they question it
But I'm 'bout to leave these n*ggas speechless
He curse cause he just tryna see through the obscene sh*t
Ain't hesitant cause then I wouldn't be on time while speaking this
He reverend preaching the words of Gods

[Verse 3]

They told me volume one was sick
I told them two is gon' be sicker
They ain't better than me, they virgins
They just came quicker
So I step it up
Bowflex rappers they just flexing huh
They say you cheating at the game but they ain't on my level
Nuh-uh (Not at all)
I'm the target
You could be the decoy
My fists of fury fast
I'm the black Bruce Lee-Roy
We on and I know that they hate that I'm alive
Where them girls that look like Vanity in 1985?
But the vanity's a sin
So I pray save my soul
Now in a position to win ain't no way I'm 'bout to slow down
Hear them playing slow jams
This is like a square dance
Because they going round and round with no progress
Got damn

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