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{verse 1(YNW_RDX)}
Brrrrrrrr yea di*ky da da brrrr yea di*ky da da
I am the devil
I am the rebel

{Verse 2(Lil Botix)}
I got a date with the devil
So i better grab my shovel
Because i have a long way to dig before I reach his level
But ain't nobody reachin' my level
Because im higher
Like god high
I can high five the b*tch
Pull up with the whip
Go down the slip
They just jealous cause i got the drip
R.I.P. i call that a rip
I'm good at rap
Yeah i got the lip
But hateful n*ggas disrespect my sh*t
And i ain't with the crips
Blood gang for life
That's just where i fit
Talkin' sh*t
I unload the clip
Karen don't respect the drip
Put them down like flick flick
Now i'm nic sick
Feels like a b*tch b*tch
I throw the stick
Go fetch
Your my b*tch
So sit
I'm straight out of hell
But i act like i'm human
Skin made from 2 men
They call me an omen
The girl just killed her husband
He was abusive
And she was clueless
The kid was downstairs watching toothless
On the big screen
With the blue print
For the new prince
Hell king we've gone threw this
Yeah you knew this

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