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Peter Bjorn and John

"Heaven and Hell"

Holding your hand while it's pouring down
Clouds letting go like a breathing spell
Learning to draw a line
Between Heaven and Hell

Tear out a page from a magazine
Holding the eyes of a famous man
Pushing the envelope
Dragging us back

Painting myself with a trembling hand
Knowing it's not easy to be grand
A sunset in black and white
A pat on the back

Dreading the day as I used to do
(Himlen är nära)
History throws itself back at you
An untuned piano
Your voice in the dark

Drowning in a flood of memories
(Himlen är nära)
Sights getting dimmer from all I've seen
Hug me when I'm too blurred
Shake me to sleep

Ignore a lost soul on the subway train
Facing myself in a carousel
In the burning daylight
Heaven and Hell

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