Ayo, Jug

Girl, why you always talkin' down like you hate me?
'Cause I know you've been fiendin' for a n***a lately
I can't even lie, I've been fallin' for you, baby
Lately feelin' better but I used to suffer greatly without you
Without your presence, I feel like my world turns to blue
You never reply to me and that just don't sound like you
I want you confined to me, I wanna hold onto you
You mixin' up my mud like a cyclone would do

[Verse 1]
You playing games
You think that I would know what you're thinking
Titanic love, feel my heart sinking
f**k, I don't understand it
Why you tryna uproot all the seeds that we planting?
Toxic emotional love, f**k it, I can't get enough
I can tell that you're a gem, baby, you're diamond in the rough
So grab my shirt right by the hem and kiss me just to cut me off
Or maybe pop another Xan, man, that sh*t got us noddin' off

Act like you love me on one day
Things switch up, you changed up the Feng Shui
And baby, know I'm on the same thing
Now my heart unfroze like a VVS chain
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