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Casey Veggies

"Get Through"

[Intro: Dom Kennedy]
n*ggas talking about they one of us
I'm like, nah he just runner up
Large T's gotta give these hoes a summer cut
APCs with a pocket full of hundreds

[Verse 1: Dom Kennedy]
Name getting bigger
If theres somebody else, name me a n*gga
Built my whole life from the bottom you can spot em
The whole city know where i stay if it's a problem
Yeah, I put it on the map
I don't be talking rap n*gga i be talking facts
Tweet that C.V where you at, damn

[Verse 2: Casey Veggies]
Back in it, fast spin it
I got my weight up, they mistaken, must of had spinach
I just spit that sh*t out like bad dinner
You sucka n*ggas got punked, yeah Ash Kutcher
We breakin' trees down, Tarzan
And this twitter chick on me tryin' to meet me in person
Them hating n*ggas fly and try to see what they can prevent
But they just get tangled up, like hair yeah MURS sh*t
And nah n*gga i ain't disrespecting him
Thats just how i get attention and let n*ggas know i win
My motto full throttle I'm Picasso with a pen
My dreams like 3D and i don't think they ever end

Baby where you from? Where you wanna go?
I be doing me i just thought that you should know
I swear i've been tryin' to find a way to get through
To you..
Swear i get it in yeah i get it in
If you roll with me, thats with me (?) we gonna win
I just keep it real, i ain't gotta front
And now i got it all baby tell me what you want

[Verse: 2 Casey Veggies]
Yeah i swear i should go now
Most these n*ggas actin' i should start a show now
I be on that real sh*t what most of y'all don't know now
So i stay to myself, and keep it on the low now
I be shaded up, yeah I'm shaded up
Strictly bout my bucks stay up out my face n*gga i don't trust yall
I ball like Chris Paul
The sh*t he did in highschool was so damn raw
I came in proper a young n*gga's hero
Them old n*ggas respect me, you young n*ggas zeros
But let me slow it up, don't forget what you know
When you losing in life and you don't even grow
A few divas two seaters close to these hoes
New sneakers, fresh creases, horse on my clothes
I just killed the game no remorse that's how it goes
You gotta play your lane my n*gga and pick a role


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