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Casey Veggies

"Guess Who’s Back"

[Verse 1: Domo Genesis]
f*ck what n*ggas talking 'bout boy I'm on my grind
Pursuit of happiness so money on my mind
People say duty calls and if it's on my line
I get a two minute warning b*tch you on my time
Heard it through that vine
That I ain't kicked it and that minute they was missing me
Hold the trap, had to give ‘em raps for their misery
Every snap I smile, the b*tches make a GIF of me
I'm laughing out the bank on my way to the dispensary
Get my hair cut, my n*gga Kenny do that sh*t for free
The amenities of living life like a f*cking G
When will they understand that n*ggas can't f*ck with me
And I don't need the throne just seat me in the lap of luxury
I'll be smoking grass till it's grass that I'm underneath
Chilling at the pad with a bad one for company
I make the haters mad with the cash I accompany
I know you think I'm spaz but this only what I've done for free

[Verse 2: Casey Veggies]
Check my bank account and it was at like 53
Thats pretty solid for a young n*gga born in '93
Never had problems pulling young chickens so she sticks to me
That is what often make my mind want to skip a beat
Stay focused you in the gray mode and
Just make more dope sh*t, you got to stay golden
As much I love to swim she got a gray ocean
And I can spice it up if I use 8 motions
Talking 'bout life's a b*tch thats why I stay pokin'
And I'm all in her friend, thats who I lay low with
Ever since I could remember I've been winning, 18 and 0
Saw my self at the top and started grinding off the dreams and hopes
Went to buying expensive, getting here by expeditions yo
Forced me to believe all this sh*t I got ment for show
f*ck them other n*ggas, I ride for my n*ggas
Young expressions with ambition, n' most importantly the vision

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