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Casey Veggies

"Walking Accomplishment"

[Intro: Rockie Fresh]
Yeah, yeah


Lil Rockie checking
Shout out my n***a CV
I'ma tell y'all how I got it, look

[Verse 1: Rockie Fresh]
Started with one bag and now I got like ten bags
Now I got a hundred bags
Now I don't have many friends
No, I don't know many men
That hustle like Rockie can
Shorty head bomb, Pakistan
n***as hating on us, we gon' pop again, damn
Blowing up, n***as be [?] give a f**k
Put 'em on ice like a hockey puck
n***as knowing they can't f**k with us
Number one, they just a runner up
Number two, I be sh*ttin' on 'em
Had to do it little different on 'em
I was getting money, still gon' get it on 'em
Yeah, yeah
All of these b*t*hes they know, yeah
I am a leader and they gotta follow the flow, yeah
I pull up in Bimmers they [?] snow
I post up and roll up the smoke
n***as be hating, they doing [?]
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