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Casey Veggies


Yeah, we coming for you n***as, man
Fresh Veggies 2
Yeah, no more games n***a
Yeah, yeah

[Chorus: Casey Veggies]
Still on that mob sh*t
n***as flex and get robbed sh*t
Capital One b*t*h, like "What's in your wallet?"
n***as flexing ain't got sh*t
Bad b*t*h, she a top pick
Still on that mob sh*t
M.O.B. til I die sh*t

[Verse 1: Casey Veggies]
Still on that mob sh*t, new whip, no mileage
Spent a mil, no college, I got rich n***a problems
I'm tryna drop a n***a before he drop me
Your own homies fake, you gotta watch 'em
She a bad b*t*h, she a top pick
Yeah, SportsCenter on top ten, top-top ten
Real sh*t, I need my money in bulk
Real sh*t, f**k around with me then I turn into Hulk
Real sh*t, we making big plays so we never go broke
Real sh*t, my city at war and I'm givin' 'em hope
Real sh*t, I black out, I black out, I black out, I black out
I hit that sh*t so good I'm blowing her back out
I'm a real n***a and no, I can't tap out
I'm grinding hard and I don't need no hand out
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