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Casey Veggies

"Get it Together"

She had that ushy gushy
Soft and squishy
Water fountain dripping with love
I'm talking slipping leaking
Storms all season
Anymore you'd probably flood
You know what(x4)
Just roll up(x4)

[Sir Michael]
Just let me see just let me get a look a better view
A better perspective
A better me a better you
That man gonna do whatever it is that you let him do
Youve got the Nieman Marcus sweaters cause they sweating you
The boots too, you're too through with Goof Troop dudes
Its hard to tell whos who
Its a lot of squares like a rubiks cube
Goose and orange juice is what she was drinking
She in that old school viper with them headlight wipers
She like me and Im the type to tighten her pipes
I heard leaks that need patchin am I right or am I right
Thinking of rivers
Thinking of lakes
The best night of my life
I found a round brown riding around town on a bike
She had the ushy gushy if I was still in school
Probably be playing hooky in the box like cookies
Ain't rookie I put on a show
Maybe you should book me
You gotta let me get a look-see


[Casey Veggies]
Its so astonishing all these things im accomplishing
My girl kinda thick enough for me to conquer it
She rolling with me cause she got common sense
Never thought that I could pull her but I guess now I can
Young veggies baby
Let me be your vitamin
Get a bit
I can swim long enough to lock you in
You did a lot of talking girl it ain't no stoppin it
Its just me and her so her friends ain't gonna stop my wins
Im swaggin out when Im rapping now
Didn't know what to do with my life but if you ask me now
I need a girl Louis bag and her ass is wow
I take her down and I pass her round
She like my style and the way I sound
Said I remind her of Kanye
So I drop out in that girl face
Young goblin in L.A
No disrespect to her
But we ain't doing sh*t that girl way
30,000 on me you gotta add a zero to that Andre

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