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"Don’t Stop"

Hey (ooh yeah)
Uh, it feels like it's gonna be a beautiful day
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Please, don't stop

[Verse 1]
Okay, I never will
I saw the sunshine rising and my life changed
I saw a different point of view within my price range
Oh yeah, it's high stakes
Trying to get your mind straight
Filling up on rice cakes and carbohydrates
Boy, I'm energized (uh)
At 25, I built an enterprise
I built a life that I won't jeopardize
I tried to tell them winter's coming this ain't Winter fell
I put my life behind these bars but never been to jail
Who wanna take this from me, while I'm out enjoying my bread
I tried to walk away from it, but I heard that voice in my head
Saying please, don't stop
Okay, I never will
What if heaven and hell ain't a place you go to die (but)
It's a state of mind, you live or you're alive (huh)
Been thinking 'bout a couple things having withdraw
Rolling up a joint, trying to make sense of it all
Aw nah
I can't stop it with the weed talk
'Cause yesterday I made a grand off of weed stock
And they still tell me that I'm wrong, check your facts stupid
Disappointment builds character, adapt to it
Appreciate the little things, little things (uh)
You never know what it'll bring, it'll bring
It's the day that you been waiting on, the day that things change
Yeah, I talk a big game but back it up like King James
When I hear 'em say
Please, don't stop
And now just see 'em say
Please, don't stop
(Don't stop, don't stop)

Feels good
Just let the beat ride

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