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"Anybody Listening"


Is anybody listening?
Yea, Can you hear me?
No reply at all
Uh, Cmon
Is anybody listening?
1, 2, 1, 2
No reply at all
Is anybody listening?
What do I gotta do to make you pay attention?
No reply at all
Yea, uh

[Verse 1]
This is, more then a buisness
Much more then a kid tryin' to get rich
Live this like its an addiction
Spit this whether anybody listens
I dont know if you really hearin' me
But these lyrics seem to be my therapy
Guarenteed, I hear the beat
My stress gets realeased
Till I feel the peace
And I feel pretty fortunate
Even though I never made a fortune yet
Alot of these cats try to make it in rap
They get nothing back
No feedback they whole life
Something to say with no mic
Incredible skill, but no hype
I spit it for the ones never heard
Who spend everyday trying to make this work, but

Is anybody listening? (Is anybody listening)
Ohhh (uh)
No reply at all
Is anybody listening?
No reply at all

[Verse 2]
Ok, here we go again
Roll the weed and put your stereo to ten
You know what you got in your boombox banging
Unorthodox like Boondock Saints is
Take notes on how I stay dope
Upgrade the flow, and keep the fake out
Bend the example, play the scape goat
But I shoot to get high, your goal to aim low
Now could I take attendance
And give props to those who pay attention?
Listen to the flow, and the way that we blendin'
When we create an event we did it all independent
Now c'mon
It only take a minute
Same old Class with a Yankee fitted
Still Enfield, never change your digits
I'm cool where I'm at, don't hate, just listen, c'mon


(DJ mixes voices)

[Verse 3]
Look, this is more then beats and hooks
Thieves and crooks or reading books
More then getting lifted, the way your boy twisted
Friday night in the club double fistin'
This sh*t's the way of life
I know its cliche, but my DJ say I'm right
We eat and breath this, without a recess
Always on the mind like priests with Jesus
Playing it out, get strategic
Write my life like a thesis
I break this down into pieces
Nope, no fluke, workws hard to achieve this
Beat bang, but still I speak
And spit with substance that will fill my needs
Treat hip hop like its my religion
So yea, I'm sincere thank you for listening

[Hook] (x2)

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