Crocodile Shark (Crocodile Teeth Freestyle) lyrics



Man dark
Mi wi' murder yuh now, nah hide and talk
Roll out wid e shark
Fifteen, sixteen and SLR
Built-in chip inna e twenty-six, dawg
Weh day di police tek weh e Philippines, dawg
But mi still ah roll wid e mini chip Glock
From di fire pin move, everything skin part
Walk pon e road inna mi skinny jeans, dawg
Gun inna mi Jansport and mi ski mask
Bwoy nah passport, and him is gone
Di eagle weh ah fly put yuh marrow in France
Pon di [?], pon di [?] wi ah talk
Pon di floor unuh skin peel off
Love fi shoot, some ah unuh
Because unuh love fi chat
And e truth hot, hot
Circle dem wid fimmi car fast
Wicked and cool, nah laugh
Wid di burner dem, weh fire without gas
Hampton Port, dem anuh nuh badman
Uzi shot dem 'bout thirty-odd box
Yuh see di SLR deh weh have stand?
When it fire, dem lock up di station
Tell di learner dem, dem anuh nuh driver
Bare long rifle, crocodile shark

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