Livin’ Wrong
You ever be thinking like you ain't living right?
You just wake up in the morning like damn, sh*t is f**ked up
Went to sleep last night thinking the same sh*t
Had dreams you wasn't living right, yeah, that life
Sh*t is f**ked's whatever though

I said I know I ain't living right
But this world I live in ain't built for n***as like
Us, made a n***a get up on this grind
But I'm tryna get up out this life of crime
But I'm, yeah, not to mention I was born with this dark skin
And handed the short end of the bargain
But I'm aiming for 2 story appartments
And tryna get this space with my last name in the parking

[Verse 1]
Smoking weed every morning thinking I ain't living right
F**king with these trifling hoes then go home to my b*t*h at night
Finna rob my plug, cause he playing with the f**king price
I'm tired of the Chef Boyardee and Ramen Noodles every night
Police got me shook, having nightmares of them f**king lights
And since I'm popping all this molly, sh*t is look extra bright
The b*t*h I'm with a nympho, and all she ever want is pipe
I couldn't get it up, and now she claiming that she going dyke
Told that b*t*h go 'head, cause she got some wack head
And when that b*t*h be sucking she be sucking like she half dead
F**k her, cause I ain't be with the bullsh*t
That's how it be when f**king 'round with a hood b*t*h
She be screaming and yelling, fussing that hood sh*t
Then turn around and go and give my jimmy a good lick, ha
I swear to god this b*t*h confused, man I don't know what to do
Man it's feeling like a lose, like

[Verse 2]
Got all this Ralph Lauren sh*t, I'm still living wrong as sh*t
I'm still busting stops but now I'm itching for a f**king lick
Set a pu**y n***a up and get him for his f**king grip
Or run up in his f**king crib and get him for his latest sh*t
Tie his b*t*h up if she got problems with me taking sh*t
And take my gun out put it by her pu**y and just play with it
Pawn the sh*t I got and take the money to the drug spot
Smoke the earnings up and then be looking for the next knock
Justified my lack of self control with Y-O-L-O
Bumping Drake at home, no H-O-M-O
While I was smoking up my next meal
I guess I finally figured out how being stressed feel
Doing all I could I'm tryna get my digits right
[?] I seen the other night
I owe more money than I got that's why my pockets tight
Damn, a n***a really ain't living right


[Verse 3]
I'm drunk as f**k, I'm tryna catch a robbery
I hit the same street twice the police might be on to me
Dipping through the bushes cause I seen the neighbours looking
Got a warrant outta state and I ain't tryna see the bookings
Got me booking like I just seen Book 'Em
Feeling like the flash cause I'm still kinda mooking
Got low through the backyards of unsuspecting samaritans
Jetting like I guzzled bout 20 bottles of kerosene, or kerosene
It's just all in my demeanour
To violate the codes and statures of what is penile
I'm screaming out f**k the people, my life is just so illegal
My son he gon' be the sequel, or black beanie no Sigel
F**k 'em all, I'm just tryna get this paper
Middle finger to the police cause them n***as hate us
I left my grandma's house and said I'll see you later
Now it's seven months later, f**k