City Lights
[Verse 1]
I'm in that stolen '96 Honda Accord, the feds on my ass
Hit the curb, lost the wheel and I crashed
I'd be fucked if I tried to blow it on foot
Started that bitch back up, reversed a bit
Hit the gas, and I booked
Strip hot, like that coke on the stove
My bumper scraping the road
20 years, nothing less, with parole
I'll be damned if I get them people them years
Rather just pull a gun out the glove and put one in my ear
Fuck the bullshit, but I ain't going out like no sucker
Take one of these fuckers with me, that's word to my mother
Sent a federale to they grave, 'fore I let him try to cuff me
And just cage me like a slave, yeah fucking right
But fuck I look sitting writing them fucking kites
Arms in my sleeves because they get cold as fucking night
Waiting for a court date, rather be having foreplay
At the Marriott for a sure shake
With a Palestinian joint, and she snort yay
Acting like you ain't did a bump, that's what they all say
But that's neither here nor there
If you feel me put your bangers in the air one time, n***a

[Hook x2]
The name getting heavy in the streets
Everybody on a young n***a beef, it's all good
I'm still on the stoop with plate
With my n***as in the hood eating great, we all hood
[Verse 2]
The last few months been ridiculous
I'm on a diner with some J's I got from Chuck Inglish
With my dopeman attire, get me by the hour
Fresher than your boyfriend and I ain't even shower
So I been trapping like I ain't did 4 shows the last 3 weeks
Fuck hitting the beach, I gotta stop on beat street
Bumping Fergie Ferg, Persian Wine on repeat
Young Trap Lord, bitch salute me when you see me
Pray to your n***a, stay to your n***a
Take me out to eat and just pay for your n***a
If them n***as hating, pull that K for your n***a
Police pull us over, hold that gate for your n***a
Only fuck with real bitches, put 'em on some knowledge
Get up in her head now she wanna leave her college
Devil in a new dress, a new pair of prada's
And I don't fuck with bitches with no chipped nail polish

[Hook x2]