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Travis Scott


[Hook: Travis Scott]
Been poppin'
Foldin' this money, can't make a knot, how not?
High on moon rock, jaw still locked
After 12 we hit the gate and flood the spot
Six of them are thots

[Verse 1: Kid Rohan, Travis Scott]
Okay, do something got me goose bumping in the lot
You gon prove something, or just do what you really taught
This the mood, we gon bring the crew up yeah to the spot
And I move I don't wanna lose something that I got
No lights, this ice, it blings
Closet the mall, we buy whole thing
Big gas, it's lit, propane
One hit, one touch, La Flame

I might send a hello text to somebody I like
Might just check up on a random friend and ask if they aight
Or down for the night
Tint all through the whip, I hope it can hide me
Tip all of the b*t*hes, I don't want no funny business, don't want them to try me

I might just ask out a stranger, pull out some ones and flex all of the paper, text some friends and then I call em all later, but I ain't got time to give to no hater, huh
I might just DM famous people that I doubt will respond
I might just pick the pen up and then make me a song, oh wait
And everything we do today impulsive
Dancing to my own beat you can check where the pulse is
You can keep on going with that style that you dull with
I got one life gotta live it to the fullest
We need some Feliz Navidad
They can't take down all that I got
Ow, you can't mess with Kid Rohan cuz he be way too hot
Haters be like fans, they just waiting till I drop
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