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Kill Bill: The Rapper

"Dionysius Cypher"


Bout it bout it, I stay roll on autopilot
Got Fuego like Guatemala, you labels are not a problem
Get pesos combining comments and phrases of harnessed darkness
A staple for starving artists
You faking? You kamikaze
Stop tracing dishonest harmless containers of rotten promise
They claiming they Nostradamus, but wait till their time has gone
It’s as plain as the nostrils on you
They lame
They are not role models
Their fragrance of droppings awful
They snaking, they anacondas
Well, I’m the serpent lord, if you ain't heard before
I be that herbivore that eat the beef up when disturbed or bored
A vegetarian that parries men with words of war
The damage that i deal is major, strike a certain chord
I feel like Eiffel, I will stifle my rivals
On the mic y’all like NyQuil mixed with Ambien and Vico
I don’t like you, you’re spiteful, and, see, your IQ is quite cute
But you don’t bite, not insightful
And so your bark isn’t frightful

Kill Bill

Bending the block, I'm straight swerving, watch the turbulence switch, 
They tried to bury son down, watch me emerge with a clip, 
A zombie boy, I'm probably noided, clawing out the deepest crevice, 
Out the graveyard, stay sharp, I can sleep in heaven, 
Its that creature feature, leap through your speakers, I’m breaking sequence, 
Watch me eat MCs, I’m feasting indecent and taking pieces, 
Man I’m done with the stans, I only come for the bands, 
Even though I got that stick I’m Justin Wong with the hands, you smell me? 
Breaking ankles, I’m Kurt Angle, the dirt angel, 
Y’all need a selfie stick, y’all coming from the worst angles, 
From out the atoms, all I know is build and destroy, 
A titan, not a teen no more, you found a different Beast Boy, 
Still don’t like police boy, steady searching up my trunk, 
Boi I keep it greasy puffing bottom of the bucket skunk, 
All gold, bottom grill, slow it down, pop a seal, 
Talkin trill, on the mic all I do is maul and kill, it’s Bill

Mega Ran

Ladies and Gentlemen and those beyond the binary
Many objectives so let’s set it with the primary
Times too short to rhyme for the sport 
But I’m here to tell you that it’s all good now, 
So why worry
I’m Taking you behind the scenes, 
Was lacking inspiration but somehow found the way to revive the dream
Listen I’m too old to rock supreme
Now rappers plotting with Robotnik schemes
To try to Multiply the streams
Dudes is a trip they ya losing grip 
You hate to see it, like a string of bad news from the crib - my dudes come equipped, 
No shoes on the whip
I’m known to push a Tee like the dude from the Clipse
Hope that you don’t see me in the street 
All white cast like - Being the Elite mega 
Black as Hell in Arizona with no SPF
Ran going in like cartridges on an empty NES
When I was young I put a hanger in a TV set, now they got me in the hangar on a teeny jet And I’m fat I’m sposed to never let em see sweat
I’m doing what I love,bonus I receive a check
I’m from philly where the men don’t snitch
EC-Dub, sandman with the kendo stick
And I never been a gangster, 
So when I pull up with the stick it’s most likely Nintendo switch
Teacher Rapper Hero, slash Gamer slash sneakerhead 
Not About to Stop, Goin full speed ahead
Bull in a Toy Shop, Charge when I’m seeing red 
Pete Rose, took the bet time to Beat the spread 
And ICan’t get my people to rally
Till they take me off the set like a season finale 
I been thru the storm, Bill and Rav came to act a fool
BTS tape, time to take em Back to School 
Let’s go 

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