Kill Bill: The Rapper

"Pallbearers feat. Kill Bill: The Rapper"


Staring at an Atticus
While fathoming a cataclysm
Flying high with my pterodactyls
I might attack you with them
I'm the type of guy that's never in tune with activism
The only thing I care about is this habitat that we live in
Atom splitting bag of izm
To battle these data schisms
Mathematics can't see magical when you're in rhythm
Man I can't imagine how I'd ever live without my bass drum
That sounds like it's eight tons
Heard from many miles
Like the Daytona circuit with the fans going wild
Always say no to opportunists they'll use you quick
And turn on you like a sun dial
Leave you on the dung pile
Or even worse on the cold bloody tiles
I got lyrics you should ponder
More than decency I foster
Get buried deep in the frequency and feces from the fodder
Nosferatu f**k your father
Sorry if I went too far there
But your b*t*h love my ball hair
Pardon the brass act
Bit of a pallbearer
I'll haul your ash ass
You may be avant-garde
But you'll still need a flashback
Greedy motherf**kers
f**k you and your NASDAQ
Steezy with the ruckus
I hope you brought a gas mask
Weezy from the fumes boy you'll soon to feel the backlash
Stack cash
I rather gain necessities like cat food and ramen
f**k currency I rather earn chronic
Turning topics into toxic slime when I be on site
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