Q50 lyrics

YNC Capo

(Pipe that sh*t up, tnt)

Yhea, got two Glock forty's and it came with a brain
Promise to god yo ass gon' die you think about snachin' my chain
762 come with a scope nd' it spit with a flame
We maskin' up, irons spray a neck, kill everything with a name

Actin' up nd' we gon' turn him down, n***a we gon' shake him out
Makin' plays [?]
Lil b*t*h I got money now, I ain't gotta rob him now
That suppressor, it won't make a sound
We gon' set him up from now
Ridin' in the Q50
Chopper got two titties
If uh n***a move im re-relapin', it shoot at it fifty
Big car day behind me nd' they slidin' without my permission

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